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Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund is one of the outperformers fund house in the industry with variegated schemes of Franklin MF falling into the three broad categories that involve equity, debt and balanced mutual funds. The investors seeking capital growth and income generation opportunities must park their hard-earned capital in the Top Franklin templeton Mutual Funds Online Investment. The fund house have been simplified here as you can start your online investments in Franklin Templeton India Mutual Fund with MF Planner in a completely hassle-free manner.


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Top 10 Mutual Fund Schemes To Invest

The funds listed below are among the top ranking mutual funds based on the ratings given by the top rating agencies which takes hundreds of criteria into account before rating the scheme. This list allows you to see top rated funds at a glance so that you can make wiser decisions about your investments. This recommendation helps you list down top ranked mutual funds in India before making investments via SIP or Lumpsum. It is reviewed & updated quarterly to provide the best to our investors.

Fund Name Latest NAV Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)
Franklin India Liquid Fund - Super Institutional Plan
3020.98 6.6 10Y 4M 1.21 L
Franklin Build India Fund (G)
36.57 -1.89 13Y 11M 94.43 K
Franklin India Life Stage FoF 50s Plus (G)
32.2 10.49 6Y 12M 1.35 L
Franklin India Corporate Debt Fund (G)
73.99 9.69 7Y 6M 1.69 L
Franklin India Focused Equity Fund (G)
39.16 8.55 3Y 5M --
Franklin India Banking&PSU Debt Fund (G)
16.92 8.43 8Y 7M 1.27 L
Franklin India Dynamic Asset Allocation FoF (G)
72.16 7.56 10Y 8M 1.05 L
Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds 50s Plus - Floating Rate (G)
40.64 5.94 10Y 2M 1.19 L
Franklin India Prima Fund (G)
950.32 1.66 9Y 5M 1.05 L
Franklin India Life Stage Fund of Funds 40s (G)
41.63 -2.1 25Y 12M 93.83 K


We Help You in Building Your Wealth!

  • Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund has a total of 60 schemes across all the categories of mutual funds like debt, equities, hybrid, etc.

  • You can see the detailed information about any scheme on MF Planner. Past performance, risk-adjusted returns, along with the current NAVs are mentioned on our website. But before that, know your risk appetite, investment horizon, and future goal beforehand.

  • Yes, you can redeem investments from most of the schemes of Franklin India Mutual Fund anytime. But, if you redeem the investment before a particular amount of time then you will have to pay the exit load, which is different for different schemes. However, there are some schemes which do not charge any exit load, such as Franklin India Liquid Fund, & Franklin India Ultra Short Term Fund. Moreover, in case of ELSS schemes there is a lock-in period of 3 years which means that you can redeem your investment only after 3 years. Furthermore, in case of pension fund, you can only redeem your amount after attaining the age of 58 years. To know about the exit load, read the offer document carefully before investing.

  • The primary objective behind constructing a diversified portfolio is to minimize the risk and capitalize the returns. Thus, you should try to include a combination of debt, equity, and hybrid schemes in your portfolio.

  • To get the latest updates regarding Franklin Mutual Funds, you can visit our blog section timely and give a read to our weekly published MF Research Report. The report covers all the latest updates regarding the financial market.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds : Providing Growth to the Investors

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund, one of the top-performing mutual fund AMCs in India, is part of the US-based global investment company which was established in 1947 in New York. This is a merger between Franklin Resources Inc. and Templeton Investments. On the other hand, Franklin Mutual Fund house was incorporated in India to provide mutual fund schemes to the Indian investors. It is believed that if building wealth, savings, capital appreciation, tax savings, retirement planning, or any other financial objective is the goal of investment, then Franklin Templeton MF Asset Management Company can help in achieving the same.

Franklin Mutual Fund : Investment Philosophy

Franklin equity fund management team adopts an investment technique that is across value and growth. The team has been divided into two divisions where Franklin Templeton India Equity Team focuses on ‘Growth’ and Templeton Emerging Market Team concentrates on the ‘Value’. They follow the bottom-up style of investing and evaluating the entire market and individual companies which display high-growth potential. Accordingly, after intense research, the best Franklin Templeton MF sip plans online are offered to the investors.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Online Investment Process

The Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds in India followed a phenomenon to provide the best investment solutions. Asset management is a responsible business and to achieve success in the same, it is quite necessary to get indulged in a result-oriented process so that a productive strategy could be made. Online Franklin MF investment feature has been designed to invest with a robust procedure which is simple and convenient for every kind of investors. Individuals from any educational background can take advantage of schemes provided by Franklin Mutual Fund. The fund managers are highly experienced and qualified and use innovative strategies while formulating investment programmes for investors. The process of investment by the managers in this asset management company involves the following steps:

Idea Generation: This involves the thinking process where the analysts, fund managers, and portfolio designers generate ideas to build a growth-oriented Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds investment strategy. The ideas generated are different for every scheme and is focused on the objective of the particular scheme.

Business Analysis: Under this step, the team of financial analysts makes sufficient research and looks out for the potential, competitiveness, risk and other primary factors of the instruments in which the investments can be done. Analysis of various companies is done with a multi-level process and complete details of the selected tools are made available to the investors.

Stock Recommendation: After doing the analysis, a list is prepared for the entities that can be bought by the fund managers at Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds. The selected tools for making investments are different for every scheme.

Portfolio Construction: Once the list is obtained, the fund managers design portfolio which is actively managed, tracked and modified according to the objective of the scheme and the conditions and trends of the market.

Portfolio Risk Management: At last, evaluation of the performance is done for every scheme for the designed portfolio in contrast to the risk optimisation. The risk parameters are then compared with the peers and after revampings in the portfolio of Franklin Mutual Fund schemes is done for risk optimization.

Product Classification: Franklin Templeton MF

There are a large number of online investment plans of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund which are designed by the fund managers and have been bifurcated into three major categories. They are as follows:

Debt Funds: Under this category lies all the Franklin Templeton India Mutual Fund schemes which invest in the debt, bonds, or other money market instruments. They provide financial stability to the investors and provide regular income without taking high risk. Franklin Mutual Fund is well-known for the debt schemes and the majority of its debt schemes are ranked as best in their respective subcategory. Based on the quality, tenure, and type of the securities selected, these are further divided into various sub-categories.

Equity Funds: This involves the Franklin MF latest schemes in India which are aimed at providing capital appreciation in the long run. The investments are made in equity stocks of the companies and thus provide growth prospects to the investors. The portfolio of equity schemes contains a large number of stocks which suit the objective of the scheme. These funds possess more risk than debt schemes but have the ability to deliver higher returns in the long term. Based on the types, size, sector of selected stocks and investment strategy, these are further divided into multiple sub-categories:-

Hybrid Funds: Hybrid or Balanced mutual funds of Franklin Templeton MF are meant to be the ones which provide simultaneous benefits of capital growth and regular income. They make an investment in the equities and debts on a pro-rata basis. The mix of equity and debt tools in the portfolio ensure stability as well as productivity for the investors. Based on the proportion of equity and debt securities, these are further divided into multiple categories.

Which Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds is best?

Let's have a look at the Best Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds in India so that you can choose the top scheme to meet all your requirements.

The investors have varied alternatives to choose from a range of schemes. One can invest either via SIP or opt for the lump sum payment all at once. Out of the wide variety of schemes, one can choose the most suitable schemes of franklin templeton mutual fund for oneself.

We, at MF Planner, provide the online way of investing in the top performing Franklin Mutual Funds Online schemes that fall under different categories like large-cap, small-cap, mid-cap, diversified equity etc. In addition, it helps you to check out the latest NAV and portfolio. We provide several other tools and solutions that include SIP Calculator, Tax Calculator, Recommended Funds, etc., which can help you to make a worthwhile investment in the best performing Franklin Templeton MF sip plans. You must avail our 24/7 financial support services if you have any query regarding investments.

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