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It is the fund house whose assets are being managed by the Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company (KMAMC). Kotak Mutual Fund has launched a number of schemes under different categories for its investors with diverse return and risk involvement. It was the first fund house which launched a gilt fund for investors that invests only in the government securities. It has tried to reach investors by spreading across 80 cities with 84 branches.


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Top 10 Mutual Fund Schemes To Invest

The funds listed below are among the top ranking mutual funds based on the ratings given by the top rating agencies which takes hundreds of criteria into account before rating the scheme. This list allows you to see top rated funds at a glance so that you can make wiser decisions about your investments. This recommendation helps you list down top ranked mutual funds in India before making investments via SIP or Lumpsum. It is reviewed & updated quarterly to provide the best to our investors.

Fund Name Latest NAV Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)
Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme (G)
41.49 4.29 7Y 6M 1.13 L
Kotak Standard Multicap Fund (G)
35.69 4.07 7Y 10M 1.13 L
Kotak Asset Allocator Fund (G)
97.63 9.43 7Y 2M 1.31 L
Kotak Dynamic Bond Fund (G)
27.96 8.48 7Y 9M 1.28 L
Kotak Corporate Bond Fund (G)
2812.9 8.42 8Y 8M 1.27 L
Kotak Credit Risk Fund (G)
22.48 6.68 9Y 4M 1.21 L
Kotak Infrastructure & Economic Reform Fund (G)
18.21 -4.01 19Y 4M 88.45 K
Kotak Gold Fund (G)
21.26 19.98 5Y 8M 1.73 L
Kotak Banking & PSU Debt Fund (G)
48.7 8.4 8Y 5M 1.27 L
Kotak Low Duration Fund (G)
2560.78 7.79 8Y 11M 1.25 L


We Help You in Building Your Wealth!

  • The AMC was established on 23rd July 1998 with an aim to deliver investment expertise in an effective way to accomplish the investment needs of investors. The current AUM of Rs 139426.71 crore (as on 31st Dec 2018) suggests that the company has made its remark in investors' mind and they trust the fund house to deliver consistent returns.

  • Yes, when you invest in liquid funds, you can utilise the advantage to get comparatively higher returns than bank savings deposit and redeem any time as the emergency arrives. Kotak Liquid Regular Plan is available at MF Planner to fulfil your very short-term investment needs or plan for emergency requirements.

  • The AMC ensures safety, transparency, low cost, and higher return potential. By investing in any scheme offered by the fund house over a time horizon as mentioned in the investment objective, the investors will surely get adequate returns by investing. So, it depends on your investment decision as well to choose the scheme wisely.

  • No, all SIPs in Kotak MF are not tax-free. To get tax-saving benefits, you have to choose the ELSS scheme. Taxation in funds of this AMC is done as per the rules set by the Government.

  • To analyze the performance of any scheme provided by this AMC, you are required to check the returns of the particular scheme at MF Planner at all durations. You can also check the performance of the SIPs by simply putting in the value in the relevant bracket and get the graph.

  • To analyse any mutual fund scheme of Kotak MF, you should check performance, risk & return ratio, expense ratio, fund manager’s experience, and asset allocation in the portfolio.

  • Determined to serve investors with the best investment solutions, this AMC provides a range of investment products to match with their investment objective. Based on your risk-appetite and other prominent factors, you can choose different schemes provided under equity, debt, and hybrid category funds. The segregation under the category to subcategory to schemes makes investors confident to get what they are searching for.

  • Kotak Mutual Fund offers various schemes which invest in equity and debt instruments depending on the investment objective. Each mutual fund scheme is managed by a competent fund manager who takes investment decision on a particular sector or stocks. As the business, company, and value of credit paper matures, the scheme gets a share of the profit and this profit is divided among investors based on mutual fund units they are holding. As investors keep on investing, the returns generated on a particular scheme is added on a continuous basis. Overall, compounding help the schemes to generate suitable returns to the investors over a time horizon.

  • Apart from the ELSS scheme, i.e., Kotak Tax Saver Fund, which is for investors to get tax saving benefits and capital appreciation, there is no scheme with a lock-in period. The ELSS scheme has a lock-in of 3-years as mentioned in SEBI mandates.

  • It is not necessary that you should take the help of a financial adviser if you understand the important parameters of investing. But, for new investors, it is important to take consultation from the experts as they will help in sorting out the relevant schemes. Further, if you are confused among schemes or unable to review your portfolio, you are in a need of adviser.

Kotak Mutual Fund Making Online Investing Easy

By pinpointing investment opportunities in the most propitious sectors, Kotak mutual fund aims to invest your hard-earned money in the segments which suit the needs of the investors. Kotak Mahindra mutual fund is diversifying the clients pooled investment in divergent industries. It has been a trustworthy brand since inception. Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company (KMAMC) was incorporated in December 1998 and is having assets under management of nearly Rs. 1.4 lac Crore (as on 31st Dec 2018). The AMC comes from the house of Kotak Mahindra Group which is one of the leading financial conglomerates incorporated in 1985. Kotak AMC has launched various kotak mutual sip plans keeping in mind the investors’ varying needs and desires. It is the first company to unveil a dedicated gilt plan that invests purely in government securities. A subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak AMC has 84 branches at present in the country. We are proud to Serve Kotak AMC as the online distributor for a highly reliable brand as Kotak AMC. With a resolution of providing the best customer support, we are always ready to provide any assistance at any point in time.

Kotak SIP or Lumpsum are the two major investment methods. Kotak Mahindra MF has added a new feature to SIP. Now, you can upgrade your SIP with the help of SIP booster plan. By using this option, you can initially start with a low amount of SIP and then say, after 6 months or so, you can increase the amount of SIP.

Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund - Vision

The vision of Kotak Mutual Fund is to be a responsible player. It means establishing a sense of security among the investors so that they can hand over their rightfully earned money to the fund managers. The fund managers at Kotak MF are highly experienced in handling the investments according to the different needs of the investors.

Another important aim of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund is to provide a consistently growing performance of each and every fund. With several years of expertise and experience, This AMC has managed to launch a wide range of products catering to the need of all clients and also managing the kotak mahindra sip plans quite well.

Adapting to Change and Hard-Work

Kotak Mutual Fund is attaining new heights with every passing quarter with the help of dedicated fund managers and employees. Working with a disciplined approach, Kotak Mahindra MF has launched various online investing options through our site. “Change is inevitable; change is constant”, rightly quoted by Benjamin Disraeli, is sincerely followed by Kotak AMC. They are always ready to change with the changing market scenario and also alter the investment strategies according to the client’s needs.

Kotak Mutual Fund - Portfolio Mangement

A highly customised segment of Kotak Mutual Fund emphasizes on the portfolio management according to the customer and not for the benefit of the company. No clients have identical portfolios as the investment style depends on the goals and objectives of the investments. As there is no set pattern followed in order to design the portfolio, each and every fund’s folio is precisely tailor-made at Kotak Mahindra mutual fund after considering various aspects of the instruments. As an online partner, we also abide by this rule strictly. While providing assistance to the clients, our experts never exert undue pressure on the investors. It is the customer’s freewill whether to invest in a particular scheme or not. We recommend a portfolio of mutual funds which is suitable for the particular investor.

Kotak Mutual Fund - Top SIP Plans

However, most of the kotak mutual funds have been beneficial for the investors, but following Mutual fund plans of Kotak have been among the favourite of the investors as well as experts.

  • Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme
  • Kotak Standard Multi-Cap Fund
  • Kotak Corporate Bond Fund
  • Kotak Low Duration Fund

Kotak mahindra Mutual Fund has partnered with MF Planner to provide the same trust and guarantee of services through an online portal as well. Here, clients are free to access a wide range of schemes that fall under different categories like large-cap mutual funds, small-cap, midcap, etc. launched by Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund through an online portal. Adding to the missions and values of this AMC, our site presents the clients with the best-ever customer satisfaction. The scheme like Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme and Kotak Standard Multicap Fund are on the list of top performing mutual funds making a strong presence in the market.

Kotak MFprovides the clients with a bouquet of schemes which allow them to invest and choose according to their freewill without much hesitation. Thus, the clients have access to better portfolio management and a variety of mutual fund schemes to select from. Customers can also take advantage of SIP calculator which helps to calculate returns after a known tenure at an expected rate of return. Investors can use the SIP return calculator to make an informed decision regarding investments. Kotak MF is a trusted AMC in India which has satisfied millions of investors and aims to maintain the reputation it has built in the mutual fund industry.

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