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Lnt mutual fund is one of the best mutual fund house in India. The schemes offered by L&T MF helps you for effectively attaining your financial goal in a significant period of time and the prime motive of online investment in L&T Mutual Fund is to spread the goodness of mutual fund across the boundaries. L&t Mutual Funds was constituted under the sponsorship of L&T Finance Holding Limited and the trusteeship of L&T Trustee Limited. So in order to achieve your financial success, plan your L&T mutual funds investment and gather more info online about the top L&T MF investment plans, returns, L&T schemes nav


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Top 10 Mutual Fund Schemes To Invest

The funds listed below are among the top ranking mutual funds based on the ratings given by the top rating agencies which takes hundreds of criteria into account before rating the scheme. This list allows you to see top rated funds at a glance so that you can make wiser decisions about your investments. This recommendation helps you list down top ranked mutual funds in India before making investments via SIP or Lumpsum. It is reviewed & updated quarterly to provide the best to our investors.

Fund Name Latest NAV Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)
L&T Midcap Fund (G)
132.07 -0.63 8Y 9M 98.11 K
L&T Infrastructure Fund (G)
13.01 -7.2 17Y 9M 79.91 K
L&T Short Term Bond Fund (G)
20.34 7.94 8Y 12M 1.26 L
L&T India Value Fund (G)
34.42 -1.2 10Y 5M 96.43 K
L&T Emerging Businesses (G)
21.14 -4.94 9Y 8M 85.88 K
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund (G)
26.45 1.45 11Y 6M 1.04 L
L&T Tax Advantage Fund (G)
52.1 -0.25 10Y 6M 99.24 K
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund (G)
18.91 8.08 8Y 9M 1.26 L
L&T Flexi Bond Fund (G)
22.75 7.46 8Y 8M 1.24 L
L&T Liquid Fund (G)
2756.33 6.43 10Y 7M 1.21 L


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L&T Mutual Funds, A Trusted Name in Investment Industry

Amongst the top mutual fund companies of India L&T Mutual Fund has indeed toiled to acquire this title. After exploring the other sectors of the economy, L&T branched into L&T Financial Holdings Limited. Intending to serve the same objectives as the parent company, L&T Financial Holdings Limited launched L&T MF. This new branch of L&T is totally dedicated to achieve the same fame as the parent company and to offer the best investment products in form of mutual funds to investors.

Why Should One Start Investment in L&T MF Online?

1. Commitment: L&T mutual fund is highly committed to provide the best client support. This SIP company is determined to give exhilarating returns to its clients as their hard-earned money is invested through the schemes. The slightest mistake and it can put the companies trustworthiness at stake. L&T Mf online is aware of the reality and is dedicated towards its work.

2. Innovation: “Change is the essence of life,” fully agreeing with this phrase, L&T Mutual Fund is always in search of new and positive ideas to redesign the structure. At L&T MF innovation is not the task of only one person or a single department. It is a joint effort of all the employees as well as clients. With the view to innovate fund has launched an online investing option.

3. A strong lineage: L&T Mutual funds have a strong lineage and back support of a huge company. Backed up by a company which is one of the leading brands in India, surely adds to the credibility of L&T fund investment plans. The investments are more secure and safe and there are negligible chances of treachery.

Which is the Best Performing L&T Mutual Funds Schemes To Invest

L&T MF has designed a large number of schemes, which are running among the top investment plans in the industry that falls under different category like balanced, small, midcap, large cap mutual funds. They are yielding comparatively higher returns which are helpful in making money. Among the top performing funds, the best mutual funds to invest in, are from L&T. Mentioned below is the list of top L&T Mutual Funds schemes:

1. L&T Tax Advantage (G): It is an L&T ELSS scheme. It aims to provide long-term capital growth along with tax benefits by investing in equity instruments and comes with a lock-in period of 3 years.

2. L&T Emerging Businesses (G): It is a small-cap fund which invests in the equity and equity derivatives of companies which are at their emerging stage and can become giant in the future. It renders long-term wealth creation.

3. L&T Midcap Fund (G): L&T Mutual Fund delivers this equity fund with a low expense ratio. This fund provides capital appreciation by investing predominantly in the equity instruments of mid-cap companies.

4. L&T India Value Fund (G): This online Lnt mutual fund sip scheme follows the strategy of value investing and targets equity instruments which are underpriced and sells them precisely to generate surplus returns. It also invests in international securities.

5. L&T Large And Midcap Fund (G): This L&T mutual funds online investment plan provides long-term capital appreciation by investing a minimum of 35% each in equity and its derivatives of large and mid-cap companies.

6. L&T Money Market Fund (G): It was formerly known as LnT Floating Rate Fund. It seeks to generate regular income by investing in money market instruments.

7. L&T Equity Fund (G): Fund from LandT aims to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing across diversified equity portfolio of large, mid, & small-cap stocks.

8. L&t Infrastructure Fund (G): This fund offered by L&T MF seeks to generate capital appreciation by investing in equity instruments of companies in the infrastructure sector.

Wide range of best L&T mutual fund schemes are offered online for the clients who have variegated investing needs. There are a lot of options for each investor to select from and earn a copious return through regular investing pattern. Investors can invest their hard earned money in mutual fund either through SIP or lumpsum. L&T mf allows the investors to access an AMC which is capable of multiplying their money manifolds. LnT AMC reciprocates the client’s money through a secured and well-maintained mechanism. Thus, making it a better option for the clients to opt from. Our site partners with L&T MF online to bring to our clients the top performing mutual fund schemes and help them customize their own portfolio.

Working principles of L&T MF:

Strictly clinging to the following principles LnT Mutual fund is planning to grasp the success as other subsidiaries of L&T.

  • Accessibility: This Fund has its branches located all over the country, in order to facilitate ease of access to its clients. The clients can easily approach any of the centers within their reach and get all the information about the top L&T mutual fund sip online investment related queries.
  • Professionalism: Working with complete expertise and zero-error environment, the employees at L&T Mutual Funds are entirely professional in their work. The talent of the employees is carefully honed and promoted for achieving the best output.
  • Transparency: At L&T MF, it is rightly believed that treachery is a short-cut which will provide you long-lasting obscurity. L&T Mutual Fund’s foremost concern is to be clear and straightforward in its processing. With the same motive, it clearly states all its policies, cost involved in investment and all the other factors involved in the process of investment to its clients.
  • Accountability: Clients being the most precious treasure of any business have the right to ask every question from the company. online L&T mf follows the same concept and is completely accountable to its clients for any action or changes it makes in the policies, revises charges, etc. The company is duly answerable to its clients.
L&T Mutual Fund SIP Investment - Great Opportunity for Varied Investors

At L&T Mutual Funds, it is taken care that investments are made after conducting proper research and that the risk involved is really worth it. Following are the steps that it follows religiously while selecting the stocks to invest in.

1. Generation of Ideas : Here, the fund managers and analysts are continuously trying to find new and fresh investment ideas that can help investors earn well. It conducts meetings with competitors, suppliers, regulators, company’s management, industry experts, etc., while making equity investment. It also conducts external research and creates reports. In case of fixed-income funds, the ideas for investment are generated by conducting team meetings that are strategic in nature, in-depth interaction with the market participants and issuers, and doing macro analysis.

2. Evaluation of Companies : Companies that are selected for investment are chosen on the basis of their market capitalization, liquidity, etc. It evaluates them on other important parameters such as competitive positioning, management track record, profitability, corporate governance, business attractiveness, etc. Thorough market research is done and the stocks of those companies are selected that can help investors yield the best returns with time.

3. Monitoring and Manufacturing of Portfolios : An investment portfolio is created by shortlisting the top investment ideas that can lead to the best results. The fund managers make sure that from time to time the portfolio is updated according to the need. The existing stocks may be removed and the new ones may be added just to make sure that the returns thus obtained are the best in category. It is made sure that the investment objective of the Lnt mf company is tried to be achieved under any market condition.

These three points form the “GEM”process which is followed so that the risk is kept under control and the investment is done in the right companies and stocks.

L&T Mutual Funds : Different Products Offered

L&T MF offers a range of products to choose from based on different risk-appetite and time horizon of investors. All the schemes are separately managed by the different fund managers who follow the investment objective and do allocation across different stocks. When an investor starts investing in the L&T Mutual Fund scheme, it is the responsibility of the fund house to take care of his/her money and generate stable returns under the criterion of investment to maintain risk and return balance for their portfolio. Here are the products offered by the AMC to match with the investment needs of all types of investors.

  • L&T Debt Funds : L&T Mutual Fund offers debt funds to provide an opportunity for investors to invest in certificate of deposits and bonds. This is the best sip investment option for an investor with low risk-appetite and regular income aim.
  • L&T Fixed Maturity Plans : To obtain capital appreciation over a time horizon by investing in debt or equity instruments in a defined duration, the investor can choose these schemes which mature in a particular time frame and generate reasonable returns.
  • L&T Equity Funds : By investing in equity funds under L&T Mutual Fund online, the investors take advantage of equity investments. The investors can invest their money for short to long-term duration based on different risk-appetite in equity schemes. This scheme has high return prospects than any other mutual fund categories. These funds are best-suited to an investor who has high risk-appetite and long-term capital appreciation aim.
  • L&T Hybrid Funds : The investors who want to get advantage from the equity and debt instruments can invest in this product offered by L&T MF to get the advantage of both the world. The schemes under this category have comparatively lower risk than equity funds and higher return aspect than debt funds.

The L&T Mutual Fund is helping the investors in gaining higher returns from their investments. If you too want to make money with the help of a trusted brand, then investment in L&T mutual funds online are the right choice for you. Visit My SIP Online in order to know more about fund and if you want to take well planned decisions related to investment then you can take help of tool known as sip return calculator. You can explore other best performing hdfc mutual fund online AMC so that you can meet your financial needs in much better way.

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