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SBI Mutual Fund is highly dedicated to providing the best services to its customers to make them achieve their financial objectives and also helps them to know about latest nav of sbi mutual funds schemes, best sbi sip funds to invest, returns details, online performance of sbi sip schemes. The fund house stepped in the mutual fund market in 1987 with a vision to provide the best investment solution to the investors. SBI Mutual Fund is a joint venture between the largest bank of India, State Bank of India and AMUNDI, a European asset management company. SBI mutual fund thrives on be the most widely accepted brand for each and every class of asset management. The mission of online sbimf is to provide consistent results throughout the process of growth. It has always been fair and honest in its dealings with the clients and has provided full transparency.


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Top 10 Mutual Fund Schemes To Invest

The funds listed below are among the top ranking mutual funds based on the ratings given by the top rating agencies which takes hundreds of criteria into account before rating the scheme. This list allows you to see top rated funds at a glance so that you can make wiser decisions about your investments. This recommendation helps you list down top ranked mutual funds in India before making investments via SIP or Lumpsum. It is reviewed & updated quarterly to provide the best to our investors.

Fund Name Latest NAV Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)
SBI Small Cap Fund (G)
59.66 9.11 5Y 5M 1.30 L
SBI Equity Hybrid Fund (G)
143.6 6.97 8Y 4M 1.23 L
SBI Magnum Childrens Benefit Fund (G)
58.81 5.39 7Y 4M 1.17 L
SBI Focused Equity Fund (G)
152.42 9.31 6Y 9M 1.31 L
SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund (G)
37.61 8.48 7Y 8M 1.28 L
SBI Magnum Low Duration Fund (G)
2688.86 7.55 9Y 5M 1.25 L
SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund (G)
16.46 3.82 5Y 10M 1.12 L
SBI Magnum Ultra Short Duration Fund (G)
4576.29 7.52 9Y 8M 1.24 L
SBI Blue Chip Fund (G)
39.96 3.34 9Y 8M 1.10 L
SBI Magnum Multicap Fund (G)
48.29 3.01 8Y 6M 1.09 L


We Help You in Building Your Wealth!

  • You can check all the information regarding any scheme provided by SBI Mutual Fund at MF Planner by searching and clicking on the scheme's name. Investing in the chosen scheme through SIP is a good option to sustain the market volatility irrespective of the current market conditions. Based on the four factors that are returns, risk, investment objective, and investment strategy, you can choose and start investing in any mutual fund scheme provided by the AMC. You can even take help from our experts to select the best SBI mutual fund for yourself.

  • Depending on your investment objective, you can choose the best SBI mutual funds suggested by our experts. The recommendations vary depending upon the market conditions and the client's requirements.

  • You can start in any SBI scheme through SIP irrespective of the market conditions. So, investing through SIP enables you to purchase more units when the market is down and lesser units when the market is up to generate risk-adjusted returns over a time horizon. Apart from this, there is no particular definition defining the right time to invest, so if you have a significant corpus, you can start investing for a long-term to get stable returns.

  • It has more than 160 branches across India to reach the maximum investors. The experience of more than 31 years in mutual fund industry has helped the fund house to remain rooted with grounds to meet the requirement of investors.

  • No, all the services are free at this portal. All you need to do is to provide with the required information to the relationship manager so that he/she can analyse various factors for your portfolio and could suggest the best-suited SBI Mutual Funds to get stable returns over a short to long-term horizon.

  • SBI Mutual Fund offers a range of products in equity, debt, and hybrid category which invest in equity, debt and a mix of both instruments, respectively, to match with the investment objective, risk-appetite and time horizon of investors.

  • Yes, investing in SBI Mutual Fund through SIP is safe. With the help of SIP, you can start investing as soon as possible no matter whether you have sufficient corpus or not. Apart from this, investing through SIP also helps in sustaining different market conditions without worrying about timing the market.

  • First of all, you have to register through MF Planner and complete the profile. After KYC verification, you can start investing in any SBI scheme offered based on your investment objective, risk-appetite, time horizon, and expected returns. You can also take help of experts in suggesting the relevant scheme for your portfolio.

  • All the information regarding investment objective, SIP amount, past record, portfolio construction, fund manager, and others are available at this portal to help the investors in access all the information from one place and start investing quickly.

SBI Mutual Fund - A Trusted Brand for Investment

Having a lineage as strong and proficient as SBI (State Bank of India), SBI Mutual Fund is one of largest investment management firms, managing investment portfolios of more than 5.4 million investors. The fund managers of SBImf aim to develop innovative and goal-based investment solutions to help the investors attain their financial goals with ease. SBI has been providing varied investing plans with the mission to establish mf, a viable investment option for every investor. It also helps them to know about top sbi mutual funds sip schemes to invest, latest nav of sbi sip plans, returns details, performance of sbimf online SIP investment plans and many more. The AMC has a large variety of the best mutual funds having an exceptional past performance. Headquartered in Mumbai, the fund house has been serving the Indian investors for over 30 years.

SBI mutual fund is the AMC which is capable of providing various sbi sip schemes online for the benefit of clients in order to make it possible for them to invest and make their money grow. Accordingly, SIPs empower the investors to make a better choice for their portfolio and accomplish their financial goals with ease. You must use their planning solutions to make a worthwhile investment in association with MF Planner. As SBI is the subsidiary of one of the most prominent and government backed up industry it provides a range of sbi SIP investment plans. The parent of sbi subsidiary shares a lineage which has a record of better customer experience and relationship so that you can enjoy making investment in sbi sip funds online as per your requirement. Many of online SBI MF have earned a rating by CRISIL. Our site partners with State bank of India to extend the same client benefits through an online platform in order to provide you complete details like nav of SBI schemes, online investment plans, latest sbi news and provides a powerful tool to calculate returns known as sip calculator.

Profoundly believing the fact that “Excellence has no substitutes”, SBI Mutual Funds are planning, practicing and implementing their strategies in such a way that, excellence in innovation is achieved at all levels. At online SBI Mutual Fund it is highly believed that innovation is the only way through which you can attain success and also maximum client satisfaction. This zeal of working will always help the client to achieve maximum profit out of their money invested through online SBI SIP MF schemes.

SBIMF Online : Services offered by State Bank Of India

Online SBI mutual fund schemes that falls under different categories provides unmatched services are:

1. Incomparable Work Ethics : All the decisions are made by keeping the choice of investors in mind. The fund house works as a team and aspire to build a strong customer relationship with the clients. The AMC has over 222 centers all over India in order to increase the customer outreach. The fund house has been the leading asset management company in developing innovative ideas to simplify the investment process for the investors. The fund also provides the facility of SIP through SBI SIP Plans. Moreover, the minimum SBI SIP investment starts from Rs. 500. For exact investment amount, an investor should always read the scheme related documents carefully.

2. Brilliant Investment Style : A unique investment style is one of the main reasons behind the success of mutual funds SBI. Through superior stock selection, and portfolio management, the fund house leaves no stone unturned in providing better risk-adjusted returns. The team performs an in-depth research to discover the promising sectors of the Indian economy. Moreover, diversification of portfolio is again an important characteristic of SBI mf that differentiates it from the other competitors and makes it the best mutual fund investment.

3. Mutual funds: SBI mutual fund schemes has come up with the online investing solutions, keeping in mind the changing scenario of investment market. SBI sip mutual fund has a broad range of variegated products like tax saving schemes, equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds, etc. You have the option of investing either through SIP or in Lump sum. We are an online partner and we bring all the best SBI sip plans online at your doorstep. SBImf Online provides first and foremost service of Mutual funds, it serves as the base for each and every other service provided by it. Taking investor to be the prime priority, it has come up with best sbi mutual fund schemes suiting to the requirements of each and every client.

4. Offshore funds: After setting foot in the local market it has become the first bank sponsored mutual fund company to launch an offshore funding scheme called, “SBI Resurgent India Opportunities Fund”. This scheme of online sbimf was launched to diversify the funds of Indian investors into various listed companies.

5. Portfolio Management: SBImf online creates good portfolios for individuals as well as firms. Taking into consideration all the factors affecting the investment decision ( like purpose of best sbimf online investment plan, risk-bearing capacity, tenure, sbi mutual fund nav, sbi mutual fund statement etc.), it always provides you with the best investment options. As solution to your online state bank of India mutual fund investment plans sip related problems we are always ready to guide and assist you through each and every phase of your investment.

Top SBI Mutual Fund SIP Plans To Invest Online

SBI Mutual Fund is among the best-performing AMCs in India due to various factors which involve top online SBI SIP plans and goal-based investing schemes. The family solutions of SBIMF online are complimentary in terms of providing the best investing in mutual funds to let the investors gain substantial income.

There are various investment options available to the investors for buying the sbi schemes for their portfolio as per their requirements. The schemes are being broadly categorised into the following divisions along with top SBI systematic investment plans :

  • Top SBI Debt Plans:- These include best SBI sip plans which aim to provide financial stability to the investors by investing in the portfolio consisting debt instruments. The schemes falling in this category provide fixed income in the form of interest and help the investors in gaining superior income on a regular basis.
Debt Funds Schemes
Medium Duration SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund
Gilt with 10-year Constant Duration SBI Magnum Constant Maturity Fund
Credit Risk SBI Credit Risk Fund
Medium to Long SBI Magnum Income Fund
Gilt SBI Magnum Gilt Fund
Low Duration SBI Magnum Low Duration Fund
Dynamic Bond SBI Dynamic Bond Fund
Ultra Short Duration SBI Magnum Ultra Short Duration Fund
Money market SBI Savings Fund
Short Duration SBI Short term Debt Fund
Liquid SBI Liquid Fund
Overnight SBI Overnight Opportunities Fund
  • Top SBI Liquid Funds:- SBI Mutual Fund also provides liquid fund plans in order to help the investors in gaining superior returns on the savings in a very short span of time. Mutual funds of SBI falling in this category provide quick redemption to fulfil the instant cash requirements.
  • SBI Magnum InstaCash Fund (G)
  • SBI Premier Liquid Fund (G)
  • SBI Magnum Insta Cash Fund Liquid Floater (G)
  • Solution Oriented:- There are certain SBI mutual fund SIP schemes falling under the Solution Oriented which aim to provide a fixed amount of income to the investors on a regular basis. These schemes offered investments in such avenues which offer fixed income and have a prefixed maturity for redemption.
Solution Oriented Schemes
Children SBI Magnum Children's Benefit Fund
  • Best SBI Equity Mutual Funds:- There are various equity investment plans from SBI Mutual Funds which are aimed at offering capital appreciation opportunities to the investors. The sbi plans falling in this category have investments in equity and equity-related securities of companies across various sectors and market-caps. You can also make sip investment in large cap mutual fundsunder this category.
Equity Funds Schemes
Large Cap SBI Bluechip Fund
Multi Cap SBI Magnum Multi Cap Fund
Mid Cap SBI Magnum Mid Cap Fund
Small Cap SBI Small Cap Fund
Large & Mid Cap SBI large and mid cap fund
ELSS SBI Magnum Taxgain Scheme
Value Fund SBI Contra Fund
Focused Fund SBI Focused Equity Fund
Sectoral: Pharma SBI Healthcare Opportunities Fund
Sectoral: Infrastructure SBI Infrastructure Fund
Sectoral: IT SBI Technology Opportunity Fund
Sectoral: Banking SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund
Thematic: Consumption SBI Consumption opportunity Fund
Thematic SBI Magnum COMMA Fund
Thematic SBI Magnum Equity ESG Fund
Thematic : MNC SBI Magnum Global Fund
Thematic : PSU SBI PSU Fund
  • Fund of Funds:- Under this, the online investments in top sbi sip plans to provide wide diversification to the capital being invested and earn higher profits with minimised risk factors.
FoF Overseas Schemes
FoF Overseas SBI Gold Fund
  • Exchange Traded Funds:- There are certain online sbi mutual fund sip schemes which fall under the ETF category. The ETFs provide better investment opportunities to the investors who want to trade on stock exchanges and gain extraordinary profits. The sbimf schemes are traded on the stock exchange, and the values for the same are dependent on the current market conditions.
    Best SBI Hybrid Schemes:- The sbi mutual funds schemes falling in this category are highly productive in nature and have investments in equity as well as debt on a simultaneous basis. This includes sbi systematic investment plans which endeavour to provide the dual benefits of capital appreciation and fixed income. With this, the investors avail the opportunity to make greater profits.
Hybrid Funds Schemes
Aggressive Hybrid SBI Equity Hybrid Fund
Conservative Hybrid SBI Debt Hybrid Fund
Balanced Fund SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund
Equity Savings Fund SBI Equity Savings Fund
Multi Asset Allocation SBI Multi Asset Allocation Fund
Arbitrage SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund

Optimal Risk Management Techniques of SBI Mutual Fund
SBI takes this insightful thought quite seriously and applies different risk mitigation techniques to reduce the effect for the investors’ portfolio and generate consistent returns. Mutual funds are subject to market risk and require a careful watch on investment in different schemes. As it is one of the core focus areas for the AMC, the experts at SBI Mutual Funds do scrutiny by applying regular tactics consistently and efficiently. Even the regulatory agencies across the world are quite concerned over proper conduct of the risk management and put a pressure on such AMCs to manage and measure it appropriately. SBIMF online follows a wide approach which is focused on enterprise-specific goals under the vigilance of a professional, skilled, dedicated, and proficient management team covering essential organisational functions. The fund house applies risk measures with the following set of conducts:

1. Identifying the area of potential risk.
2. Assessing internal risk controls tactics.
3. Discussing and mindfully proposing the risk mitigation techniques.
4. Checking the performance of individual sbi mutual funds scheme over different market conditions from time to time.
5. Monitoring and analysing the investment progress with respect to risk.
6. Safeguarding the invested amount of investors and generating profits.
7. Making trust factor prominent so that investors stay invested for a long-term.
8. Giving handling power of individual scheme to an efficient fund manager in the respective areas.
9. Providing a set of in-house investment process to ensure quality.

Advantages of SBI Mutual Fund SIP Investment Plans

  • SBImf online schemes helps an individual to plan their retirement so that one can secure future. SBI mutual fund house helps you to plan your peaceful retired life.
  • With the help of sip investment plans in SBI, this AMC makes a habit of every investors to engage their hard earned money on the basis of regular investments.
  • In order to secure child's future SBI systematic investment plans helps every parents to make efforts accordingly and helps them to secure their life.
  • A wide range of plans are available in order to make right sip investment decisions as everyone wants to have enough money in future so that one can live tension free life.
  • Latest SBI mutual fund schemes helps an individual to save tax.

SBI Mutual Fund Investment Philosophy
Being a government backed up investing company, the priority of best sbi mutual fund sip investment plans is and always will be client satisfaction and not profit maximization. AMC asks its clients to follow three basic investing strategies:

  • SBI mutual funds : Do not include/invest all your money in the same funds.
  • Select superior sip in sbi investment plans online and relax while watching them give you exhilarating returns.
  • Long-term prospective is always beneficial if you want a good pace of growth.

How To Invest Online in SBI Mutual Funds (SBIMf)
We offer multiple SBI SIP plans online to help you select the ones which suit your investment objective, risk profile, and tenure. SBI allows investment in the schemes via both SIP and lump sum mode. To make online investment in SBI Mutual Fund, all you have to do is follow these simple steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, register yourself on our site and complete your profile.
  • You can then either take suggestions from our experts or choose SBI funds on your own.
  • After selecting the investment plan, make the transaction.
  • Last but not least, sit at home and keep monitoring the performance of Funds at frequent time intervals.
About the Fund Managers

Fund Managers of SBI Mutual Fund Debt Schemes

  • Mr. Rajiv Radhakrishnan: He is the head of the fixed income team of SBI AMC. The fund manager has over 15 years of experience in the finance sector.

  • Mr. R. Arun: The fund manager joined hands with the SBI Mutual Fund in 2009 and helped the AMC in achieving remarkable growth in the debt mutual funds.

  • Mr. Dinesh Ahuja: Mr. Ahuja have a vast experience in the fixed income market and uses the same in delivering stable returns to the investors.

  • Mr. Lokesh Mallya: Joined in 2014, Mr. Lokesh holds 9 years of experience in managing the portfolio related to the fixed income securities.

  • Ms. Mansi Sajeja: She joined SBI MF as a credit analyst in 2009. With over 13 years of experience, she has proficient knowledge about the debt market.
Fund Managers of SBI Equity Funds

1. Mr. R. Srinivasan: He is the senior fund manager of equity at SBI Mutual Fund. He is the head of equity and holds great expertise in finance management. He looks after many top ranked mutual funds of SBIMF.
2. Ms. Sohini Adnani: She is a B.Com and CA who joined the fund house in 2010. Prior to joining SBI Mutual Fund, she has worked with several big names in the finance industry.
3. Mr. Anup Upadhyay: He is the Head of Research at the fund house. He currently handles 6 SBI schemes including SBI Technology Opportunities Fund, and SBI Equity Opportunities Fund.
4. Mr. Dinesh Balachandran: He is a graduate from IIT-B, an MS graduate from MIT USA and a CFA. Prior to joining SBI AMC, he was associated with Fidelity Investment, USA.
5. Mr. Richard D’Souza: He has over 19 years of experience in the equity market. Mr. D’Souza joined the fund house as a fund manager in 2010 and currently handles the thematic funds of SBIMF.

Reading so far, you must have grabbed all the key details about SBI Mutual Fund that makes it one of the top AMCs in India. Therefore, if you are looking for the best asset management company to begin your investment journey then SBIMF is a one-stop solution for you. Moreover, before starting the SBI SIP investment plan, don’t forget to use the SIP Calculator for estimating the amount required to achieve your financial goals.

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