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UTI Mutual Fund, which is the oldest mutual fund in India, is proven to be one of the fastest growing fund houses due to various factors. UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. is one of the best AMCs in India registered under SEBI. Investors must make investments in the top UTI MF online SIP schemes to safeguard their interests and accomplish their long-lasting goals and desires related to wealth building or retirement etc. Know more about best UTI MF plans, features of UTI SIP schemes and many more. Online investment in UTI mutual funds has been made simple where you can explore different UTI schemes falling in the equity, debt and hybrid assets’ categories.


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Top 10 Mutual Fund Schemes To Invest

The funds listed below are among the top ranking mutual funds based on the ratings given by the top rating agencies which takes hundreds of criteria into account before rating the scheme. This list allows you to see top rated funds at a glance so that you can make wiser decisions about your investments. This recommendation helps you list down top ranked mutual funds in India before making investments via SIP or Lumpsum. It is reviewed & updated quarterly to provide the best to our investors.

Fund Name Latest NAV Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)
UTI Gilt Fund (G)
47.71 7.5 7Y 11M 1.24 L
UTI Nifty Index Fund (G)
76.71 6.42 8Y 4M 1.21 L
UTI Regular Savings Fund (G)
41.55 2.92 12Y 5M 1.09 L
UTI Liquid Fund - Cash Plan (G)
1162.73 -23.27 -5Y 3M 45.14 K
UTI Children's Career Fund-Investment Plan (G)
38.57 3.34 9Y 1M 1.10 L
UTI Equity Fund (G)
157.86 9.06 7Y 10M 1.30 L
UTI Mastershare Unit Scheme (G)
127.54 5.83 9Y 10M 1.19 L
UTI Arbitrage Fund (G)
26.81 5.79 12Y 1M 1.18 L
UTI Medium Term Fund (G)
13.6 3.13 12Y 7M 1.10 L
UTI Infrastructure Fund (G)
47.77 -3.59 30Y 6M 89.61 K


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UTI Mutual Fund - A Secure Option For Indian Investors

UTI mutual fund has earned the credit of being one of the first mutual fund company of independent India. A government-backed up UTI Mutual Fund AMC is the most secure investment opportunity for any client. The clients have been happy while investing in this AMC as uti mf online has been proved to be one of the most promising PSU in the country. UTI mf online has been one of the most prominent of all as it had a monopoly for 24 years in the mutual fund market. As they know that they are putting their money into the hands of the authority of India. Thus, it is a matter of fact that UTI mutual funds are the most secure of all the other available option for the clients to invest online in UTI mutual fund schemes.

With the introduction of UTI Mutual Funds online in the decade of 60s, the government attempted to make people aware of another avenue of investing and also acquiesce them to be secure. Talking about security, what comes to your mind? Home. But, what about financial security? With all the private mutual fund companies springing up, there is a threat of being deceived at each step. What if your investments are backed up by the government? It would be much more secure. UTI Asset Management Company (AMC) is the investment manager to the online best UTI Mutual Fund schemes in India.

Long-term capital growth to the online investors is provided by UTI MF to achieve their future financial goals. Through MF Planner, you can get an easy access to a more secure category of mutual funds.

Which are the Top Performing UTI Mutual Fund Schemes To Invest Online:

UTI MF offers a range of mutual fund products to accomplish the financial needs of investors, based on the investment needs, risk-appetite, tenure, and expected returns. The UTI Mutual Fund schemes are categorized into different divisions based on the instruments where they invest through SIP or lumpsum. Making the choice of UTI MF is highly beneficial for the investors for the purpose of investing in the best mutual fund investment plans online in India. The schemes designed by the expert fund managers of this AMC are effective enough in providing the best investing solutions to the investors as per their requirements. Here are the specific factors due to which investing in UTI MF would be of high worth for every investor.

Best UTI Equity Funds

UTI Mutual Funds’ equity investments offer the high-yielding capital growth opportunities to accomplish the financial goals in the future. Every investor has the desire to create wealth and these high yield equity schemes will help the investors in attaining the same. The UTI schemes in this category invest majorly in equity and equity related instruments of the companies to generate long-term capital appreciation and higher returns with high-risk measures. Some of the popular schemes in this category are :

  • UTI Equity Fund : This uti mf online scheme is for investors who wish to earn long-term capital appreciation through investment in equity, convertible, and non-convertible debentures of companies and money-market instruments that have good growth scope. This multi-cap fund has invested majorly in financial sector and is currently managed by Mr. Ajay Tyagi.
  • UTI Mid Cap Fund : This mid cap fund was launched on April 07th, 2004 with an investment objective to help investors earn capital appreciation. The risk involved is moderately high so only those investors who can digest such risk should invest in best UTI mutual funds scheme online. Here, the fund manager Mr. Lalit Nambiar follows the bottom-up approach and selects those companies for investment that have been good performers but are currently going through a low phase.
  • UTI Banking & Financial Services Fund.
Best Performing UTI Debt Funds

There are several other schemes of UTI Mutual Funds in India which offer regular income opportunities to the investors. They offer various high-yielding bond or debt mutual funds which help in gaining regular income. With this, one gets the chance to earn stability in profits and attain the current financial goals. This category in UTI Mutual Fund online invests significantly in fixed income and money market securities which include a long-term bond, short-term bond and liquid instruments. Some of the best mutual fund schemes of UTI to invest in this category are :

  • UTI Gilt Fund
  • UTI Dynamic Bond Fund, and
  • UTI Medium Term Fund
Solution-Oriented Funds

Solution-oriented funds are designed to meet the specific investment needs of different investors. UTI MF provides retirement, tax saving, child career planning and wealth builder schemes to match with investors’ investment purpose. Some of the famous UTI investment plan in the category are :

  • UTI Retirement Benefit Pension Fund,
  • UTI Children's Career Fund-Investment Plan, and
  • UTI Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving)
Best UTI Hybrid Funds

Hybrid funds provide the advantage of bond and stocks together under a single portfolio. Some hybrid funds offered by UTI Mutual Fund are

  • UTI Hybrid Equity Fund and
  • UTI Multi-Asset Fund.
Balanced Funds for Moderate Investor

The balanced fund schemes of UTI MF are extraordinarily remarkable for every investor as they provide the benefits of both the worlds. By investing in equities and debts on a simultaneous basis, the UTI balanced funds tend to provide high income with minimised risk.

UTI SIP Mutual Funds : Key Features
  • UTI MF also provides various tax saving solutions to its clients.
  • In order to provide peaceful retired life wide range of uti schemes are available online so that there is no need of dependency on their children.
  • As people engage their money in best systematic investment plan offered by uti mf it is the responsibility of fund house to secure money of an individual as uti mutual fund provides better management in order to secure money of investors.
  • As every individual is different as well as their needs. Keeping this thing in mind best uti mf online schemes are offered to meet diversified needs of an individual.
  • In order to help its investors UTI mutual funds provides best solutions to manage their surplus money in order to meet their desired financial goals in best possible way.
UTI Mutual Fund Investment Plans : Meet Your Goals

Apart from this, it also provides online investing solutions as per the specific goals of the investors. One can accomplish various investment requirements with UTI MF schemes which include the following:

  • Child’s Future:- The dreams of our child are very precious for us, and we wish to accomplish them at any cost. UTI SIP mutual fund schemes plans will help you in achieving the same with ease.
  • Retirement Planning :- A comfortable retired life is dreamt by all, and the UTI Mutual Fund online offer the same. By investing in the SIP plans, one can easily accomplish his/her goal of attaining a relaxed retirement.
  • Tax Planning :- The ELSS schemes of online UTI MF are aimed at providing the tax-saving solutions to the investors under section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961. By investing in such plans, investors can not only save on taxes but create wealth in the long run as well.
  • Wealth Building :- There are uti mutual fund sip online investment schemes falling in equity category(specifically) which provide the option to create a huge wealth for the investors in the long run. You can opt for the same and make your wealth building dream come true with ease.
  • Vacation Planning:- If you have a desire to go for a dream holiday at your favourite destination, then you must make the best use of our vacation planning calculator which is designed to make a set plan for you with recommendations of the UTI Mutual Funds online schemes thereof.
UTI Mf Online Providing Various Benefits of Investing

1. UTI Mutual Fund The First and most trusted brand: Being a government brand best UTI mutual fund is widely trusted company. People do tend to accept any investing solution marketed by the government even if it means fewer returns as compared to private AMCs.

2. Most prodigious wealth manager: Owing to its long period of being in the mutual fund industry, UTI MF online earns the credit of being the most prominent AMC present on the list. Although having so many private competitors, online UTI mf still thrives on making its way straight to the portfolio of the investors.

3. Business and social responsibility go hand in hand: Following profit-making, UTI mutual funds never forgets the social welfare responsibility, for which it was formulated. Along with business expansion best UTI SIP online investment schemes, it has always mitigated investors tautness.

4. Best service provider: On the vision of welfare of people, it is the most trusted brand in terms of services. Dedicated staff, number of branches than any other AMC, the goal of customer satisfaction, makes UTI mutual fund online an easily accessible investment partner. Besides, it provides a wide range of best UTI MF online schemes to accomplish your family's future needs in the best possible way.

Accordingly, online investments in UTI mutual fund can be highly beneficial, for the investors and they can earn tremendous wealth to make their future financially secure. The collaboration of Unit Trust of India with our site will make you attain the acme of success. Our experts will provide you with the much-needed guidance on various top uti mutual fund schemes available online and helps you to calculate returns with the help of SIP calculator. Your hard-earned money with our advice can grow manifolds so do not waste your time and start your investment in UTI mutual fund online available where a team of experts who have keen knowledge about investments provides complete details about nav, performance of uti mf. Moreover you can also check out other top performing AMCs i.e. hdfc mutual fund , Dsp blackrock mutual fund and check out range of schemes available that falls under large cap funds so that it will add more to your portfolio. Explore more about latest uti mutual fund sip schemes details in order to opt for best investment plans

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