Terms & Conditions

This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions which need to be followed by the user of mfplanner Mobile App which is owned and managed by m/s Consult mps llp mfplanner Mobile App or (website) is an online mutual fund investment platform (hereinafter referred to as Mfplanner), provided by Consult Mps Llp, which is registered with AMFI under ARN 166907. By creating an account and using the Mobile App, the users agree to the terms and conditions determined under this agreement of use.

Welcome to MF Planner

   While creating an account on the Mobile App, it is required for the users to consider all the terms of use, legal disclaimer and privacy policy. You are required to read the terms and conditions properly because your acceptance of terms and conditions embodies several constituents under the agreement that is formulated between you and the company) Mfplanner.

   We request you to read these terms and conditions carefully. Your acceptance of terms contained herein constitutes the agreement between you and mfplanner as defined hereunder,You must use the Mobile App for investing in mutual funds by opting any of the modes out of lump sum and SIP.

   In no case, Mfplanner takes the responsibility of aggregating the information regarding your investments made at other investment platforms,You must understand that you need to furnish absolutely correct details at the time of registration. Providing incorrect information is likely to sabotage your online SIP investments, as your transactions will not be processed.

   As per SEBI guidelines Next day NAV will be applicable on all the online transaction made after 1 pm. Mfplanner holds the right to cancel the registration if the information provided by the users is found to be incomplete, exaggerated or hidden in any aspect.

    Mfplanner reserves the right to make changes in the defined terms at any time as per the requirement. If you use the Mobile App and services continuously, that means you have agreed to adhere to the modifications made in the terms and conditions from time to time.

    Mfplanner also proposes to offer additional services subject to specific terms; however, the services can only be activated to your account after taking your prior consent.Mfplanner makes use of information, tools, articles, alerts, videos, information, advice, calculators, analysis reports, data, contents, news, prices, views, statistics, comments, feedback, advertisement, features and functionality and other services on the Mobile Application, are hereinafter jointly referred to as “the Services,” and individually as “Service”.


    The agreement specified describes the terms essential for the usage of services which are being provided to you on the Mobile App. Your acceptance will be considered as valid only when you click on “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” displayed. However, you also need to read all the necessary information while accepting the T&C.

    If you use the services regularly, then it is believed that you have accepted all the terms that are modified into the agreement. You would also be bounded by the agreement until it is terminated as per the defined provisions. Moreover, if you choose “not to accept these terms”, then you are not authorised to use the defined services.

    In addition to this, Mfplanner also has the option in which the company can reject your registration to the Mobile App without stating any reasons for the same. Mfplanner possesses the legal authority to make changes in the terms & conditions whenever it finds appropriate.Any error or inaccuracy or ambiguity require changes in the existing processes, and as a result, Mfplanner holds the right to update the changes on the Mobile App and to notify the customers accordingly.

    After executing the services, if you continue using the services then you will be bound by the terms and conditions which are provided in the agreement. However, disagreeing the terms and conditions will discontinue the use of your services as well.

    In order to read the updated terms and conditions, you need to click on “Terms And Conditions”. All the services introduced on the Mobile App are for the purpose of providing value added services to you which will further assist you in managing your finances. Once you get registered on the Mobile App, it is believed that you have agreed to the terms of use and thus you get informative emails from the company or its third-party vendors which help you in gaining knowledge. )

    However, in that case, Mfplanner will not be held liable for any unauthorised use or access until and unless it is proved that it has occurred due to faults of Mfplanner.

Terms of Account Registration and Maintainance

    Your account shall be activated once you register on the Mobile App successfully. It is your duty to maintain secrecy about your password and account details, and you must take the sole responsibility of your account and transactions.

    You are allowed to get access to your account with the password and Username(email ID) you provide while registering. At the time of registration, you are further requested to provide your mobile number so as to let us communicate with you. All alerts, changes, updates and response to service requests will be sent to your mobile number or email address registered with us.

    In case you find any unauthorized access to your account or its information, then you must immediately contact the customer service Support Desk of Mfplanner.

    ‘ Mfplanner ’ is not responsible for any authorised access made due to actions such as, sharing of the password, careless use of the account, and using Mobile App in public and shared servers by the user.

    Moreover, you are required to agree to the fact that you will not make any unlawful attempt of using the Mobile App or any other services by misrepresenting your identity.

Alert / Online Information

    Mfplanner may provide account related information via automatic alerts to you on a regular basis. There are various sorts of alerts that are sent automatically to the account holders as a part of service provision. You are allowed to deactivate and customise the alerts as per your choice and preferences.

    Mfplanner also keeps updating the users through new alerts which are visible on our Mobile App for limited time period.

   Mfplanner reserves the right at its own discretion to cease the alerts whenever it finds suitable. While activating the alerts, you are provided with different options from which you can select the appropriate one as per your preference.

    The updated alerts will be provided to you through electronic modes on your emails and the mobile number provided while registering to Mfplanner .

    In the case when you change your mobile number or email address, then after you will receive alerts from the company of such changed address. By providing the contact details, you agree to receive the alerts and calls and updates on the same.

    You further allow the company to share your information with third parties for the purpose of transacting smoothly.Sending short messaging service alerts are subject to TRAI regulations and also to telecom service providers and hence, Mfplanner will not be held accountable in case of any delay in messages and mobile alerts.

    Some of the alerts sent to your email address and mobile number may not be in an encrypted format and whoever has the access to your mobile and email ID can attain the confidential information easily.

    Thus, by providing the contact details, you agree to receive them in their original format Mfplanner shall not be held liable in case of any unauthorised access to your account and the confidential information provided therein.Mfplanner agrees to deliver timely and accurate alerts to the services; however, you are also required to comprehend that there might be some factors that may lead to the delay of such alerts.

    You have to agree that Mfplanner will not be held liable in the case if it fails to deliver alerts on time. The company shall not be entitled to the delay, errors and other misdirected content which is sent in the alerts.

    The companies are required to deliver alert messages to the customers because they are subject to do so under the local laws and guidelines. The laws enforce the companies to provide alerts from time to time, and you have to abide by all the laws as notified by the government authorities.

Privacy And Your Personal Information

    Registration Information and any other information which you provide to Mfplanner under the agreement should be governed by Mfplanner data protection according to the Private Policy which is available on the Mobile App.

    The Privacy Policy is formulated so that you may identify how Mfplanner get access to your personal information when you use the Mobile App and its services. You have to agree and give authority to Mfplanner to disclose your information with other group companies, associate companies, third-party service providers for joint marketing purposes.

    The company ( Mfplanner ) is solely responsible for updating the Privacy Policy from time to time as per the legal framework. Changes are required to be revised in Privacy Policy on the official Mobile App.

    Mfplanner can also transfer sensitive as well as personal data to any other Indian or overseas body if the company finds it necessary for the provision of the services and at the same time, you are also required to provide consent for the same while transmission.

Third - Party Sites

    With the use of the Services, you hereby Mfplanner and its third-party service partners to approach the websites of third parties which are selected by you. It is specifically applicable while linking your account with the website on your behalf. Thus, it is required to have registration and modification of the connected accounts which are requested by you. Mfplanner will participate as your agent and have a power of professional holder in respect of this limited purpose.

    The Mobile App does not perform any transaction or render notices or instructions that affect your linked accounts, Transactions and inquiries that are started by you on the linked accounts but not made with a use of the Application, such as Bank transactions, Merchants and third-party sites transactions or inquiry. In this regard, Mfplanner assumes to have no accountability. Any fees that are charged by banks, merchants and third parties in the context of such transactions and linked accounts will be payable at your end. This means you agree to accept the terms and conditions of such accounts to use their services.

    You must accept and realise that the linked accounts, services and information of group and associate organisations are not endorsed by Mfplanner in any manner. Even if it is supposed to be understood as Mfplanner support, you agree and understand that you can avail the services and choose information of any other service provider for undertaking any transaction or for any other investment related matter. The services and offerings will lie according to terms and conditions which are agreed with you and the service provider.